The Mindset Melting Pot


The Mindset Melting Pot is the teacher’s bible on how to create a Growth Mindset culture in the Key Stage 2 classroom. Compiled with practical, teacher inspired ideas that are tried and tested, it will help practitioners to establish the right learning attitude in children to help them learn and reach their full potential. It is the practical, educational response to the ‘Mindset’ theory of motivation put forward by Professor Carol Dweck. The book, edited and with Foreword by Shirley Clarke, offers fun and practical ways to explore with children what ‘Mindset’ is about, why it is important and gives teachers ideas of how to sustain the culture in the classroom throughout the school year. It should be on every primary school teachers book shelf. Written and illustrated by KJ Walton, author of ‘I Can’t Do This’, a Mindset inspired picture book for KS2 children.

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