Growth Mindset and Disability


An extra consideration for me regarding both parenting and Mindset has been the fact that my daughter has a hemiplegia effecting the right side of her body.  A hemiplegia results from a small bleed in the brain, which for my daughter has affected a region of the left hemisphere. This has mainly manifested itself within her right hand which is considerably weaker than the left and she is reluctant to use to manipulate objects. She has regular physiotherapy to support her.

This occurrence has been interesting for two reasons. Firstly, from a neurological point of view we know that it is possible that the healthy parts of her brain can be trained to pick up the movements she is unable to currently do which is neuroplasticity in action. It is neuroplasticity which is the foundation of the Mindset theory as we have come to realise, through recent neuroscience, that the brain changes in relation to specific action and practice.

Secondly, the determination my daughter will need to have when movement is clearly very challenging for her in the right hand will be considerable. This is another reason that I am determined to do all I can to instil a Growth Mindset attitude within her. I know that with the right attitude, she will find strategies to make her own, ‘I’m Possible; from seemingly ‘impossible’ moments.