Art & Design

Art & Design A Muddle Of Mistakes

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  • Design your own mistake character. What will they look like and why?
  • What does 'Making Mistakes’ look like as a piece of art?

What does ‘Not making Mistakes’ look like as a piece of art?
Contrast the two ideas, how are they different and what makes them different? How is this shown?

Both the creation of the artwork and the discussion about why they have created what they have is important here.
  • Create a piece of artwork that focuses on the feelings you have when you have made a mistake. The idea of this is to normalise these feelings – we all have them but we need to manage them.


  • Pick a page in 'A Muddle of Mistakes' book that you like. Think about why it appeals to you and then try to sell this page to the rest of the class drawing on the aspects that you like. Pairs of children put together their presentation and then the class vote on the page they would like to buy.


Use the page that has won this vote and redesign it (this encourages the children to think deeply about the message it is conveying and how this could be conveyed in their own image).


  • Ask children to create a picture entitled ‘What will happen if I make a Mistake?’ – the images produced should open up a discussion about why children are afraid to share ideas/give answers in class. Are their thoughts rational or irrational? (Explore).
  • If a mistake was represented by an animal, what animal would it be and why? – create this animal in an artistic way.
  • If a mistake was a shape, which shape would it be and why? Create a piece of artwork focusing on this shape – what title would you give your piece?