Mindset Guardian


When Professor Carol Dweck’s research about Growth and Fixed Mindsets started to become known, it slowly gathered momentum, particularly in schools. As a primary school teacher, KJ Walton has been fascinated with what can hold children back as learners. A deep exploration of Growth Mindset theory in her teaching practice has revealed a prevalent set of beliefs that can stunt learning and affect how children view themselves as learners.

This book bridges the gap between building resilience in schools using Mindset theory and taking its core principles to further build this attitude in the child’s home and surrounding environment. In a climate where children’s fear of failure and expectation that the world requires them to be ‘perfect’ straightaway, this is the antidote that many need to support their mental health and wellbeing.

Now as a Mum, KJ has launched herself into parenthood with a passion to develop Growth Mindset ideals within her daughter. Her research, training in education/psychology and practical application over the last ten years is now the driving force behind her parenting decisions. It is the foundation she uses to underpin her parenting style because it’s not about ‘doing’ Mindset, it’s about creating a culture and living it every single day. This book explores why this is important and how it can be done.