Lord give me patience and hurry!

Lord give me patience and hurry!

Lord give me patience and hurry!

I have returned from a long dog walk on which I listened to 2 podcasts which both mentioned, in slightly different guises, the need for patience in wanting things to happen.

The conversations resonated deeply with me. As a young child, I was given a sign that had previously belonged to my Nan, 'Lord give me patience and hurry!' She had owned it before me as it felt applicable to her and then as I developed, it appeared that I was the obvious choice to inherit it after she died. There have often been moments in life where people have likened this part of my personality to hers.

That need to have things happen the way we want them to straight-away has featured through-out my life and with the realisations I have had in going on this epic Mindset journey on which have I found myself, I have slowly come to appreciate that patience is, indeed, a virtue. These phrases materialise for a reason, it would seem!

In learning, patience is a must. If we want to learn anything that is challenging (which is where the growth and progress is going to come from) then it is not going to be easy. That is the point. It is this point that is hard for children to understand and appreciate. Learning is supposed to be hard and the patience bit comes in because hard things take time (and effort) but that's another part of the puzzle. We have to get comfortable with the discomfort of not knowing and appreciate not knowing to be able to sit in it and be patient for the knowing to come.

Part of my mission is trying to help children cultivate a sense of the importance of patience - that they might not 'get something' straight-away but if they keep at it, eventually something will come. The world that we all live in today, but particularly for children who have never known anything but how to live in a fast-paced, 'instant' society, needs to hone a sense of slow-down. We need to help our children be patient by modelling our own patience. That is definitely a life-long project for me but the first step with all of these things is my awareness of it's importance in our everyday lives.

There is no magic formula to having an idea or being good at something. It is time....You have to let your head become filled with ideas and just trust that at some point, something will come out of it. That is why we must be open to every opportunity that comes our way - whether we feel like it's our bag or not. Maybe we just need to accidentally pick up someone else's bag and have a go.

And then be patient. Do the learning and be patient enough to see what comes... set your bubbles free.





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