A Muddle of Mistakes

I Can't Do This


This book is an imaginative story about a character called Fortitude. As his name suggests, he represents the courage needed to face the challenges we all come up against in life. The bright and lively images take children on a journey that considers how they might tackle the ‘I can’t do this’ moments they will inevitably encounter.

Children should be explicitly taught not to give up on a task just because they cannot do something immediately. Effort, perseverance and a simple motto (which the story explores) are the start to training the mind in order to achieve, learn and grow.

This is the Growth Mindset. The ‘I Can’t Do This’ story offers an entertaining way to open up a discussion with youngsters about the importance of adopting a growth mindset in life. It is specifically aimed at children aged 7 – 11 although anyone, including adults, could benefit from considering the motto explored. In this sense, the story has universal appeal, told in an endearing, imaginative style aimed at children.

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